Change Management

Change Management Solutions

While many organizations are investing in productivity improvements, success rates for achieving and sustaining operational improvements are quite low. Narrow approaches that focus solely on improvement tools and methodologies are overly dependent on elaborate technologies, standards and procedures often lead to an inability to attain and/or sustain, improvements. In order to extract maximum productivity improvements The CPI Group applies an integrated approach that applies both organizational and technical solutions to accelerate results and deliver lasting improvements. CPI’s approach allows organizations across multiple sectors to develop the capabilities to optimize productivity, asset performance and eliminate inefficiencies.

The expertise behind Operational Excellence is generally not a core competency for most companies, nor should it be. It makes good business sense for most companies to use consultants to implementation of these systems. Most consultant delivered programs provide quick productivity improvements. Unfortunately, most of these programs are not sustainable for long after the consultant leaves.

Unlike traditional consulting firms, The CPI Group is able to operationalize customized strategies and build capabilities within the client organization to sustain improvements going forward.

All activities focusing on added value (yes that is still the maxim to act on, even in a change management), the Lean Agile Change aims to sustainably anchor the core of lean and agile thinking into your organization while customizing the practices to your needs and benefits.

Improving Process Performance

Reduce variability, control quality and maximize uptime in your operations.

To optimize processes, increase yield and reduce variability, it is imperative to assess the current processes, identify sources of waste and inefficiencies, define the means of improvement and set the control system to both maintain and sustain optimum performance. In doing so, the potential exists for an increase in total output, a significant reduction in raw material consumption, and an increase in quality and consistency.

Our consultants have extensive experience in problem-solving as it relates to processes honed at client sites around the country. We can help your operations team optimize processes using specific tools, proven methodologies and best practices that have been employed at client sites around the country.

How to Enable Efficiency in Times of High Uncertainty

Gaining competitive advantage through lean practices is a three-step journey: understanding lean and where you are, optimizing or implementing your customized lean production system, and improving and sustaining performance over the long term. Our lean consultants help organizations get real results.