Stakeholder Analysis

We have a proven method to work with our clients on a strategy journey. Your top team won’t be bystanders. Leaders will be active participants, working hard to bust their own myths and grapple with the issues so they can commit to new approaches. We support you to frame the decisions, interrogate what is creating value, provide a range of alternatives, test potential pathways, choose a coherent approach, commit by allocating resources, and position your company to consistently evolve its transformation strategy over time as you learn more.

Align Costs with Business Strategy

In times of uncertainty, forward-looking companies use cost cutting to further align their costs with their business strategy. Strategic cost cutting helps lower the cost structure, but it’s not about getting cheaper. Instead, strategic cost cutting helps ensure an organization is ready for growth. It focuses on the aspects of the business that are controllable while freeing up resources to fund transformation and future growth. Over the past 4 years, our clients have recovered nearly $2 billion.

How to Enable Efficiency in Times of High Uncertainty

Our data driven approach to strategy offers you a bolder path to making big moves. We bring privileged insights into these data, enabling you to calibrate the odds of your success and put money where your strategy is. This involves harnessing the empirical revolution to understand your company’s endowment—its size, level of productivity, and capital structure—as well as the trends you are exposed to and the big moves you can make to shift your position.